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24 June 2012 @ 11:49 am
純真 Innocence (Mayday website)  
Another translation from Ashin

純真  Innocence
Words and Music by Ashin

On the lengthening road, I think that we’re friends
If there are other expectations, I think it’s best not to say
You’re always smiling, you never start to speak
The world has been seized by you

The moonlight winds around the earth, the earth winds its way around the sun
I was wrong to think the world was sitting tranquilly in the universe
Tonight the sky has a shooting star cutting through it, what is it predicting?

In the silence you pull my hand
I feel like the whole black night shakes
In my ear I hear the rhythm of my heart pounding
The stars are twinkling, what will you say
In your heart there must be a lake of heavy fog
Despite the brilliance of the moonlight, it can’t shine through
In your eyes the twinkling surface of the lake, boundless tenderness
That wave of light enticing

You already have him, so you shouldn’t have me as well
The innocence of the world at this moment is confused by you
I think I ought to lightly let go of your hand
I just don’t have the strength to do so