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10 February 2010 @ 09:42 am

Title: POV (Point of View: From Where You See)
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Song Artist: The Cinematics
Fandom: Eternal Summer (Sheng xia guang nian)
Summary: I do not wish to love you. You wish harder that I do. Shane/Jonathan, minor Jonathan/Carrie. (M/M).
Warnings: Homoeroticism. Not Safe For Work. Brief Nudity.
Disclaimer: I intend no copyright infringement with this video. It is remixed and a commentary on the source.
Video Size: 47.2mb, DivX
Run Time: 3:40

If you would like to watch or download the video, please see this entry.

Comments are so very welcome.
27 November 2008 @ 01:22 pm
PLZ SOME ONE WRITE A FAN FIC OF SHANE AND JONATHAN PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZM PLZ PLZ  i have read the other one thats up and its conffussing like is the main chacter
26 September 2008 @ 03:07 am
Hi, i'm new to this community.
i've only just watched the movie recently. and was left very unsatisfied by the ending T.T
i love the movie... but the ending killed me. i am left with soooo much unanswered questions that will prolly remain unanswered :(
however i was wondering if anyone knew if the novel of enternal summer if slightly different from the movie, most importantly is the movie ending and novel ending somewhat different or completely the same?
i might buy the novel... and was hoping that by reading it some of my questions may be answered.
anyways any help would be great :D
14 July 2008 @ 09:08 pm

Hello Smeowly,

I just finished watching eternal summer (the movie) last week. I stumbled upon it when reading a movie review for Spider Lilies and have been obsessed ever since. I can't fall asleep without first thinking about it and the damn ending is killing. I google Eternal Summer discussion/novel/review/fan/interview, everything having to do with eternal summer in an attempt to seek the answers to my questions and to settle some of the feelings it evoked in me. I stumbled upon your live journal as well as the Eternal Summer Community thingie and must conclude that I am going through the obsession that you went through last year..:)

So many questions. Do you remember the movie in detail at all? Want to discuss it again?

1. When they were playing that game at the club and Johnathan said, "Me or Carrie?", do you think Johnathan heard it? I think he did, because i think it's the reason he was all spaced out and caused him to have the accident, or was it because he was hurt about Johnathan telling him he never volunteered to be his friend, but rather he was chosen and force by the teacher?

2. I never really understood the reason for Shane's initiation of the the love making to Johnathan. I've read on blog/websites that perhaps Shane did it to somehow hold onto Johnathan. But if that is the case, it would mean that he knows how Johnathan feels about him.  There is no way that he would have sex with his best friend if he doesn't also feel the same way right?  Seriously, that sex scene was so damn moving. I watched it like a zillion times because it was damn tender. HOWEVER, i dont understand why they both pretend like it never happened the next day. You can't just have sex and then it's as if nothing happened

3. The ending, oh the damn blasted ending.  When Shane said "you are really my best friend." does that statement mean that he accepts the fact that Johnathan is gay and that Johnathan is in love with him, but doesn't necessary mean that he reciprocates?  Or does it mean that he does accept?  He loves Johnathan back doesn't he?

4. MOst importantly, is anyone out there still translating the novel? The movie was really good at emoting emotions without much dialogue, but I find that words can be so much more powerful [for me at least] in conveying feelings and I was hoping whoever it was that started translating would translate again because he/she was so good. The grammar and prose flowed really well and didn't feel like it was choppy  and literal like most other rough translated work by fans. So desperate to read the novel.

Last but not least, don't think i'm a crazy person, I just am really affected by this movie and it will take a while yet before I can get over this. Thanks for reading my rant.


23 October 2007 @ 10:01 pm
i'm sorry guys, my contact who has been translating the book for us is very busy now and will only be able to continue at the end of the year. so if anyone wants to continue with the translation, please be my guest...
10 October 2007 @ 08:27 pm

if u have time, check this show out. it's quite silly and campy and by the same director as formula 17. however, 2 of the characters are in a similar predicament as zhenxing and shouheng, but this time it's the 'straight' guy who's fretting over his gradual realization of his love for his best friend. and there is a happy ending this time :)
28 August 2007 @ 11:39 pm
Hello everybody^^

I have a little request, does anybody have the instrumental version of 盛夏光年 by Mayday? Thank you very much in advance *bows*
I posted this on my blog, but I gotta post it here, too.

Take a look at the following DVD covers for Eternal Summer. The one on the left is the original Taiwanese version, while the one on the right is the American version released by North American distributor Picture This! Entertainment. Notice anything weird?

Who's the idiot who decided that Bryant Chang's and Joseph Chang's perfectly delectable Asian chests and arms needed to be sized up to Western standards? As if people aren't going to notice the glaring difference when they watch the movie and find, in the scenes in which the two guys go shirtless, that the Ken doll torsos featured on the cover are nowhere to be found in the actual film. I realize that it's a marketing tactic to entice consumers used to buff bodies into buying the DVD, but... what the hell? I'm surprised Kate Yeung didn't get a boob job!

The colors in the heavily-chopped American version also makes the three leads look like drowning victims. Sad... :|
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06 June 2007 @ 09:22 pm

Eternal Summer


First Chapter ~ “My name is Kang Zhengxing, Xing means ‘planet’ ”. 1999


Kang Zhengxing


I think the summer will be over soon.


Once, a friend told me this. There will be times when you are walking and you try to recall a song you used to like a lot but you have forgotten the title and even the lyrics. All you can do is to hum a few notes. A few notes that do not even make up a tune.


You still cannot remember anything. Then you should go to an open space and stop right there. Take in a deep breath, close your eyes and smile, then wait for a while. Listen to sounds around you.


Before long, you’ll realize you can hear the tune of that song whispering into your ears. It feels like someone is singing next to you.


Here lies the tricky part. You must remember. Breathe in deep and exhale hard, just like what I am doing now. Breathe in deep, breathe out and wait for a while. Breathe in again and breathe out. Smile.


Initially, I laugh at my own foolishness in believing in this silly and lame act. In the end, I tried to convince myself otherwise. Well, at least, I need to respect the friend who told me about this “sacred ritual”. So, I continue to stand there, be serious for once and continue to breathe in and out.


I do not know how know the time has passed. And I am not sure if the world has stopped moving when I was closing my eyes.


Surprisingly, I felt warmth. Yes, a sense of warmth.


When I was trying to listen carefully to sounds I was once familiar with, I suddenly realize that I am getting to know this town once more. I begin to remember the warm feeling of certain things that happened before in this town.